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The paper with the title "Low-Power Smart Sensing in Energy and Water Systems Integration" will be presented at the 4th IEEE International Workshop on Measurement and Networking (M&N 2017) in Milan ( The paper presents the results obtained concerning the solutions evaluated to power smart sensors in water systems.

Abstract: The water energy nexus is a multidisciplinary topic that requires the interaction of different areas of knowledge, with direct impact on the economy, society and ecosystems. Smart sensing concept allows us to develop new ways of monitoring and, consequently, contribute to simultaneously optimize the efficiency of energy and water processes. The integration of energy and water management systems requires the coverage of a wide geographic area. Therefore, the interconnection of smart sensors, over a wireless network, is a requirement that can be assured with the adoption of standards such as the ISO/IEC/IEEE21451. Smart sensors operation and effectiveness depends on the availability of energy. Harvesting energy in water systems allows to power smart sensors avoiding batteries. Microbial fuel cells allow the conversion of organic material found in wastewater into electrical energy. Also, the kinetic energy of induced vibrations in water distribution pipelines can be converted into electrical energy.